Banana Bread Toast

I am always wondering why banana bread is called bread because it looks more like a cake to me. Perhaps it’s because the loaf pan, which is usually used for bread, is commonly used for the banana bread/cake. Well, this is just a guess. Anyway, banana bread is a great way to make use of overripe bananas. I usually have to intentionally leave the bananas to overripe because I can eat lots of bananas all at once (tehe :P), especially when they are still yellow greenish. I also like to have some chunks of bananas in the cake, so I usually just mash them roughly.

During my short stay in Atlanta, I checked out West Egg Cafe which is quite popular for its all-day American breakfast. I found out that they usually served banana bread french toast for the weekend brunch. What a brilliant combination!! I have never come across the idea of using banana bread for the french toast. Too bad I didn’t get to try it before leaving (sob!), so I decided to google the recipe and try it by myself.

The recipe for the banana bread I made is from I decreased the amount of sugar to only 1/2 cup because there would be some sugar added later on for the toast. I also added 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts to the batter. The banana bread turned out to be mildly sweet as expected, but it was a little bit dry 😦 probably because I didn’t use enough bananas.

To make 5 slices of the french toast, I mixed one egg with 1/2 cup of half and half. Then I added some cinnamon and little bit of sugar. After that the banana bread was dipped into the mixture and transferred to a skillet with little bit of oil. The bread was heated slowly until golden brown, turned and browned on the other side.

There are endless variations you can do: adding condensed milk into the toast batter, using butter instead of just cooking oil, serving your toast with maple syrup, etc. Probably trying it with other kinds of bread will be interesting too.

Since I still had some leftover banana bread, I just toasted it with a little bit of oil on the skillet without dipping it into the french toast batter. It actually came out crunchier and supposedly healthier :). Yay!

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