Popping the corn

I am planning for a movie night sometime in this semester after the Eid break, and a movie without popcorn will be just too sad. So, when I went to the supermarket, I bought some (uncooked) popcorn in a can. Of course there was the paper-bag kind that could be popped in the microwave, but I just had the urge to do in on the stove.

The instruction suggested 3 table spoons of cooking oil for the whole can. Since it’s not the real movie night yet, I just used 1/3 of it for practice.

So, I poured a table spoon of sunflower oil into a pot with medium heat. I dropped two pieces of corn and waited until they popped.

Yeeha! It popped!

After that I poured in more corn into the pot and covered it. Otherwise there would be corn flying all over the stove. It was really fun to hear the ‘pop’ sound one after another. I opened the pot cover occasionally so that I could take some pictures. I was afraid if there would be some corn shooting to the lens of my camera. Thank God, my camera was safe.

One last step was to add some seasoning or flavor. I tried using some curry powder for some of the popcorn (rasamalaysia.com). For the rest, I added Sambal ABC chili sauce, and it turned out to be kicking spicy. Awesomeness! Next time for the movie night, I’ll play with other seasonings and flavor. Maybe sweet popcorn will be a great idea…

Curry Popcorn


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