Mung bean sprout stir-fry from scratch

Yes from scratch!! I sprouted the mung beans by myself. 😀 Alright, I did it because I didn’t have the option to get fresh mung bean sprouts in the supermarket (sadness!). In a dinner with a friend who is a biologist, she shared her experience sprouting bean sprouts. It sounded pretty easy, so I decided to give it a try. This was not my first bean sprouting experience; I did it once when I was in the 7th or 8th grade as a part of my biology class experiment. As I remembered, I just put several mung beans on wetted cotton in a petri dish. “It worked last time, so it should work this time,” that’s what I thought.

The mung beans sprouted! I was super excited. But after several more days, I didn’t think they grew a millimeter (an inch would be too much :D). I must have done something wrong. I actually put them on a piece of kitchen towel, which I occasionally damped with water. The towel was too thin that it dried up quickly; hence, the bean sprouts became dry too. I was really growing dwarf bean sprouts, or I should call them baby bean sprouts to make them sound cuter.

I decided to ask my friend about it, but suddenly YouTube crossed my mind. The very same friend told me how useful YouTube was for her, so I typed ‘sprouting mung beans’ in the search box. TaDaa… There were a couple of videos about it, but I checked out this one.

The video had a clear, step-by-step instruction, so I decided to follow it.  I used a tall glass because that’s the only thing I have around. I soaked the beans in the water overnight (8-12 hours according to the video). After that I drained the beans to get rid of the excess water, and laid the glass horizontally. Every morning and evening, I rinsed the beans with fresh water and whispered a magic word so that they would grow fast. It worked!! I love you, YouTube!

Mung bean sprouts in glasses

After 4 days or so (I lost track of time), I harvested the sprouts. Most of them still have their skins. Not knowing a better way, I just separated the skin from the sprout one by one. I decided to stir-fry them with things I found in the fridge: bell pepper, green onions, garlic, and dried shrimp.

To stir-fry:

Heat up a little bit of oil on the skillet, then add garlic and dried shrimp. After that, add bell pepper, green onion. Cook until the bell pepper is tender. Add the sprouts and finally salt and white pepper to your taste, and stir for three minutes or so.

It’s done. Nothing tastes better than something you work really hard for. I take it back. Mother’s version is always better 🙂 I enjoyed my bean sprout stir-fry with a bowl of rice while watching my favorite TV series-Castle. Thank God for a good life.

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