Turtle Melon Buns 【メロンパン】

I’ve got too much time to spare lately, yet time still passes by without me being much productive. After weeks after new year, I’ve been crazy with iPad games: Plants vs the Zombies. I have even finished the games twice, but still unsatisfied. So, whoever out there who created this game, I want more levels, more plants, and more zombies. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I had to stop for now because the iPad isn’t mine. It’s under the ownership of my brother who has just returned to US. I got to find something else to do to kill time. So, I remembered the last video post of Melonpan or melon buns from the Cooking With Dog channel on YouTube. Don’t be fooled. Although the name has the word Melon, the bread itself has contains no melon itself. I have always been curious about Melonpan, and, silly enough, when I went to Japan, I didn’t try it at all. Since there is a good video with a fool-proof recipe (I’ve tried other CWD recipes, and they always work), I decided to give it a try.

I shaped my bread into turtles. Aren’t they cute? To do this you just need to add a head, four legs, and a tail. My measurement was:

1 -40 g ball for the body

1-10 g ball for the head

4- 5 g balls for the legs

1-3 g ball for the tail

two raisins for the eyes, but they came out easily after the bake. I think mini chocolate chips will work better.

I also put Hershey’s kisses for the filling inside the body. You can try other fillings such as fruit jam, cheese, or meat floss. I’m sure it will give a wonderful surprise 😀 The Melonpan turned out great and tasted the best right after from the oven. The bread was soft with sweet, crispy cookie toping. I found it very similar to the texture and taste of Hongkong pineapple bun (bo lo bau) which also contains no pineapple whatsoever.

For the recipes and video on how to make Melonpan, click here.

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