Once upon a Time during Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!


Daddy's little firework

It’s not too late to say it because traditionally it’s a 15-day celebration. Crazy, huh? Nowadays, people don’t really do that because they have to get back to work after the third day or so.

Basically the preparation for the Chinese New Year (CNY) is marked by ‘Spring cleaning’ when every nook and cranny needs to be cleaned out, at least according to my mom’s definition. In CNY’s eve, families gather around a table for a big meal. Fireworks and firecrackers also join the celebration, breaking the silence of the sky. I loved Chinese New Year when I was little because I got to wear everything new from hair clips to new shoes. ^_^ Adults, particularly women, got extremely busy preparing cakes, drinks, and snacks for the guests. It was a once-a-year thing that no one wanted to miss. Well, I think people are still like that now…

Chinese new year's goodies

A friend who hasn’t celebrated CNY in our hometown, Singkawang, came this year. She was surprised how the new year’s goodies are no longer just ordinary cakes and cookies People now are very creative, and almost every year they come up with new things. In some people’s houses, guests can enjoy satay, bakso (beef meatball soup), and rissoles. But the must-haves are still kue keranjang (年糕), kue lapis (layer cake) and pineapple tarts.

Pineapple tarts

Decorated cakes

Lady bug chocolate

For some years, there has been a home-decorating contest held every CNY in Singkawang. I’m not sure  about what the winning criteria or the prizes are, but some residents tried to put up their best decorations and lights. Some are good, and some are a little bit too much. My friend speculated that the home which has rabbit traditional orchestra will win again this year. Yup, it’s gonna win again because it has won the competition several times.The rabbits can move a little bit when some music is played from the CD.

One of the decorated alleys in Jalan Tani and the Rabbit Orchestra

So, for those of you who want to experience the Chinese New Year spirit, I invite you to come to Singkawang (I may not be at home though). For those of you, Singkawang-ers who are living somewhere else and can’t be back for the new year, I hope this post can somehow relieve your homesickness.

Many more stuff at people's houses

Hope this year you are blessed even more!

4 thoughts on “Once upon a Time during Chinese New Year

  1. Hi Ce Winny, how hv u been?anw I enjoyed reading ur blog about the Chinese New Year so much. It’s awesome!omg!U have made me feel homesick successfully. =( I have missed that celebration twice. Wt a shame!
    Anw,love love love ur blog!!!I dont really know how to make a blog. I hv to learn that I think. =)
    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful writing!
    Take care!!

    • Thanks. I’m still learning too. Sometimes I have a lot of ideas in my head. But when I have to write (type) them down, it takes me forever.
      How come you missed the new year twice already?

  2. Hi, I’m a Malaysian-born Chinese now living in London. You mention your thrill of wearing new hair clips as a child for Chinese New Year so I wanted to find out what you and your readers think of my original, handcrafted girls’ hair clips for Chinese New Year? You can view them here:
    Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone! Enjoy your celebrations this year!

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