Spaghetti and Meatballs (the Indonesian way!)

I’m no fan of spaghetti. I prefer other kind of pasta like angel hair or fettuccine, but my mom bought three packs of spaghetti (’cause if you buy three packs, you get a free container to store them :D). I decided to try making spaghetti and meatballs. I think they’re a classic combination that many people love. Since my mom and I are not meat lovers (my dad is forced to be one to due to our family circumstances), I tried to substitute the beef meatballs with something else. Then, I found this recipe that uses tempe for the meatballs.


Tempe or tempeh is made of fermented soy beans. Well, my biologist friends are probably mad at me for calling the process fermentation, but let’s do that to make it simpler. Tempe is quite popular in Indonesia because it’s cheap and nutritious (lots of protein, yeah!). I love thinly sliced fried tempe the best and sambal goreng tempe (spicy tempe) after that.

So, I went to the market with my mom to buy some tempe. I bought four small packs of them which cost me about US$ 0.50. Sweet! I used the food processor to cut them up to small pieces and mixed them with the spices available at home (salt, pepper, and sweet soy sauce). I didn’t strictly follow the recipes because some of the ingredients are not available. I also made my own spaghetti sauce from fresh local tomatoes, which to me didn’t look that inviting, but tasted alright.

So, if you are looking into something vegan or want to have a healthier diet, give tempe a try! It’s nutritious, but it may not be so cheap or widely available at your place.

Oh, Happy Valentine’s day by the way. I’m too lazy to make sweets and chocolates, so here is some heart-shaped white bread with the spaghetti. ^_^

Sphaghetti and Tempe Balls

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