Sushi Rolls 『寿司』

Sushi rolls are actually easy to make and you can put any fillings to your liking. If you’re interested, go to cooking with dog on YouTube. That’s my #1 cooking channel right there ^_^.

I think the must-have when making sushi is the sushi mat. I used to have two kinds: one with round stick bamboos (now it’s gone) and the other has a flat surface on one side. I once read that the later type is better. But, whatever you have will work.

Sushi/Japanese rice is recommended when making sushi because it’s starchy and sticky. If it’s not available, find medium-grain rice or any kind of rice that will be sticky enough to be rolled. Don’t use sweet/glutinuous rice though because the taste will be different and it will make you feel full fast.

For the sushi vinegar, you can get the mix with the brand Mizkan. Otherwise, use rice vinegar mixed with sugar and salt.

Don’t forget the toasted nori.

Sushi Rolls

Inside out sushi rolls: one with sesame seeds and the other with chicken floss

I ran out of Nori , but my mom wanted to make sushi rolls. So, she came up with this idea. It’s brilliant! ^_^

Sushi rolled with omelette

Cute choptick holder makes it more appetizing (?)


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