ShiLin Night Market(士林夜市)

It’s really been a while after my previous post. I’m in Taipei right now with nothing to do but studying Chinese. Many people were wondering why I chose Taiwan not Mainland China. Honestly, I didn’t really have a good reason before. But I think I do now…

When I first stepped on the ground of Taipei, I felt like I was in Tokyo. The city is clean; the air quality is pretty good, and the public transportation (MRT and buses) is awesome! Not to mention small eateries are everywhere. I never go hungry here.

Sadly I have no access to an oven at all. I really really really (how can I emphasize it even more?) miss baking. There was even one time I was thinking to use a toaster to bake some cookies. Unfortunately, I can’t control the temperature of the toaster. I finally gave up and tried to console myself with some bread from a nearby bakery.

Anyway, in Taipei (I haven’t been to other parts of Taiwan) there are a lot of night markets. Some of the shops are already open from the morning, but mostly are from the afternoon until late at night (or early in the morning). The most crowded time will be in the evening of the weekend. The streets are full of young people and energy, so I have to struggle to get through.

I live near ShiDa Night Market, but I haven’t taken many pictures. So, I’ll post about it later on. ShiLin Night Market is kind of far, but it can be easily reached from JianTan MRT Station. There is actually ShiLin MRT Station, but the distance from the night market is far. Don’t be fooled (because I was…:P)!

There are tons of street food, clothes, shoes, and other stuff beyond your imagination. I actually bought a gel-like cleaner for my computer keyboard from the market. I’m just gonna focus on food, because that’s what my biggest interest, and hopefully yours too.

Just as I entered the market, I was welcomed by the smile of Doraemon and his friends. There is even Sponge Bob. Can you find him in the picture?

Cartoon sugar candies

And I think these are fried mushrooms. I took this in hurry as the people weren’t happy when I took a picture of the food they sell.

Friend mushroom

This one is very unique. A single helix from one potato and then fried. It costs NT40, I think.

single helix potatoes

These bitter melons are for juices. I decided to give it a try, and it’s bitter (what do I expect, really?). Ugh.. I just forced myself to finish it. As it tastes bitter, I guess it’s good for health.

White bitter mellon for juice

Huge sausages.. As you may know, I’m no fan of meat. I read from some articles in the internet. The sausages are made of pork meat and chunks of pork fat. Greasy but good…

Taiwanese sausages

There are some places to play for kids and for everyone. It’s a night market after all…

What my friend and I had for supper: dried noodle and spicy shrimp (and pork) wonton. Not very special, but doesn’t taste bad either.

I saw a long line just for 雞排 (Fried chicken fillet). If you see this kind of line, you’ll know right away that the food/drink is good.

Sweet potato for dessert. I think the potatoes are steamed/boiled and then dipped into caramel and topped with peanut.

Sweet potato

Finally, a view of the ShiLin Night Market.

ShiLin night market seen from the MRT Station

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