Red Velvet Cake from Ettore’s Bakery

My parents had their 25th anniversary several weeks ago, and I did not know until they told me so a couple of days before (My bad, my bad!).  I was totally unprepared for it. I wish I knew at least a week before so that my brothers and I could have prepared something special. No time to bake a cake, and I didn’t have any baking gadgets with me too.

So, on the day my parents went on shopping by themselves while my brother and I went to get a cake for them. I yelped some bakeries in the Sacramento area, and I found a pretty good rated bakery called Ettore’s. The most famous cake from the bakery is actually fruit basket. I had that on my mind when we’re going there.

Ettore’s was quite crowded, and my brother who drove me there had a hard time finding a place to park. We had to compete with several cars for some parking spots (we failed a couple of times.) But finally the car got its spot.

I looked at the cakes on display. The fruit basket on display did not look that pretty, but I saw someone’s getting one, and it looked fresher. But then, it did not seem to fit the theme for an anniversary cake. Then, I got distracted by the fruit tart. The fruit seemed to be so fresh, and I love, love fruit tart. I know that we would not be able to finish the cake in one go, and at the end, it’s gonna be my bro and I finishing the cake. If it’s fruit tart, I’d never mind. Another one that really caught my eyes was a red velvet cake. There were rose petals one the cake. The cake looked elegant and had that romantic theme, but the fact it’s red velvet turned me off. No offense. I have had red velvet before, and it’s really good. The only thing I do not like about it is the amount of food coloring in it. I’m no fan of food coloring. I think a little bit is okay, but I know they put a lot of red color in the cake.

I really had a hard time deciding on which cake, but finally I settled with red velvet because of its look. And hey, I made the right decision. I was very satisfied when I saw the picture of my parents with the cake. The cake perfectly had the theme of wedding anniversary, and the taste was yummy. The cake was moist, soft, and not too sweet. There were two layers with delicious cream cheese frosting in between. And the surprise was the petals were from a real flower. I seriously thought the baker’s was so skillful that they could make the flower petals look so real. 😀 In any case, the flower petals did an awesome job to the cake. Love them.

Ettore's Red Velvet Cake

At the end of the day, I still felt a little bit sad for not being able to do much for their anniversary celebration. I guess being filial and loving are what I can right now do for them. Love you, mom and dad. God bless you!

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