Cucumber with Peanut Dressing

Let me introduce you to one of the food street from my hometown, Singkawang. Back home we call it ‘lim mui diao ga’ in our local Hakka language. It means cucumber with some sauce on the top. I love to have it during hot weather because it’s super refreshing. On top of that, it is very easy and quick to make. You just need 5 minutes if you have all of the ingredients ready.

The peanut dressing can be used with other kind of cut fruit or vegetable. If you mix it with cut fruit (sliced cucumber, jicama, young papaya, pineapple), the dish is called ‘Rujak buah’ in Indonesian. If you mix it with boiled vegetables (water spinach, bean sprout, fried tofu, long bean), the dish is called gado-gado. You can also use it with your favorite salad ingredients, and call the dish with whatever you like πŸ™‚

Cucumber with Peanut Dressing



  • 1/2 lemon/lime
  • 4 tbp palm sugar (gula Jawa, gula merah, gula Melaka in Indonesian/Malay)
  • dash of salt
  • ground peanut
  • bird’s eye chili (optional)
  • ground dried shrimp (optional)
  • young cucumbers


  1. Squeeze out the juice from half of a lemon/lime.
  2. Mix it with the palm sugar, salt, and the chili. Taste the dressing, and do some adjustment if necessary.
  3. Mix in the ground peanut.
  4. Cut out the ends of the each cucumber, and slice it as shown in the picture into two parts.
  5. Pour the sauce on the top of cucumbers and sprinkle some ground dried shrimp as desired.
  6. Eat it using your hand πŸ™‚

The Peanut Dressing


  1. As mentioned before, if you find the dressing too sour or too sweet, you can adjust it by adding more lemon juice or sugar. What I put in the recipe is arbitrary.
  2. You can make the dressing in a large batch and refrigerate it, but restrain from mixing in the ground peanut.
  3. If you are making rujak or gado-gado, just pour the peanut salad when you are going to have it. Otherwise, the water coming from the fruit or vegetable will make the dressing very liquidy and dilute the taste.
  4. Choose young cucumbers like this kind. If the cucumbers are too big, you can slice it into four parts.
  5. If you don’t have any palm sugar, you can use brown sugar as a substitute.





2 thoughts on “Cucumber with Peanut Dressing

  1. Kurang terasi bukan? setauku klo yang bumbu kacang ada terasinya.. hehe. btw, keren amat sekarang Lim mui tiau ka aza udah bisa dicari resep onlinenya.. Thanks for posting ^^

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