My love for FroYo!

I have wanted to post this for so long just for the sake of sharing my love for frozen yogurt 🙂

Years ago I had my first froyo at Rhino near UC Berkeley (I dunno if the place is still in business), and I have been an addict ever since. There were many more shops with frozen yogurts around the area, springing up like dandelions at that time. Each offered distinctive flavors and toppings. I had no preference, but I was never a fan of Yogurt Park because their froyo was too sweet for me. Yes, I like my froyo a bit tart 🙂

Froyos from all over (Taiwan, US, UAE, and Indonesia)


My favorite flavors are plain, green tea, watermelon, and many more. Well, I just don’t remember all the flavors I have tried. And for the toppings, I love any fruit (mango, kiwi, berry), granola, and mochi. That makes it like fruit and yogurt parfait with the Asian touch (mochi). Every time I visited a place, and saw someone selling froyo, i couldn’t help but stopping by to get a cup.

One time when I was in Dubai for a flight transit, I was really desperate to have froyo before going back to Saudi. At that time, I couldn’t find any place selling froyo in the place where I live in Saudi, so I googled malls in Dubai to find froyo shops. My effort didn’t go to waste, I had two froyos: one from Red Mango and the other one from PinkBerry just before my flight departed.

Back in Indonesia, froyo has become popular. Coffee shops such as J.CO Donuts and Coffee offers froyo but with limited flavors. My recent favorite is Sour Sally with a cute little girl mascot. Their froyo is non-fat and so refreshing. The mochi is also the best I have ever had because it’s not too sweet. It’s just perfect!

The worst ‘froyo’ I had was back in Pontianak (the capital city of West Borneo, close to my hometown). It was in the mall, and it was a local brand of which name I could not remember. I don’t even know if I should really call it frozen yogurts because it was more like popsicle to me: sweet and no creaminess at all. I asked for a sample at that time, and the moment I tried it, I already did not like it. I finally bought some out of courtesy, but I had my brothers finished it. I don’t know how they can survive while selling froyo quotes in quotes.

I guess people’s preferences are different after all. What I think to be good may not be the same as what others think. But if you have never had froyo before, I strongly urge you to try soon. You don’t want to miss one of the best things that may happen in  your life. 🙂

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