Peanut Butter Popcorn

There will be no recipe in this post. I made the popcorn when I was at home with the intention of using up my mom’s popcorn supply. The process should have been short, but the popcorn turned out not crunchy at all. So I spent the next hour baking it with the hope of getting the moisture out. The kernels covered thoroughly with peanut butter and sugar syrup turned out crispy, but still in a couple of hours, they got back to their stale condition. Despite the imperfection, the popcorn was gone in several minutes when I brought it to church. I could not have been happier 🙂

Talking about popcorn, I was not very familiar with it when I was little. It wasn’t easy to get because no one in my hometown sold it. Now popcorn is readily available in many stores, and can be popped easily using a stove and a pan (the microwave version is rare because not many households own microwaves). However, I think it is still something not everyone can afford to have in Indonesia at least because of these two reasons:

1. There are still a lot of villages with limited distribution of goods

2. Eating popcorn is intended for pleasure, so it’s not a primary need.

My dad shared his childhood story to me when we were having the cucumber with the peanut dressing not long ago. At that time, he did not have enough allowance to buy something like that, so he only saw people enjoying their share from afar. Just like how ‘precious’ popcorn was to me, so was the cucumber with the peanut dressing to him.

With the economy growth, more and more people now can enjoy what they used to think as luxury. It turns out that we just take things for granted. I just want to take a step back: to appreciate what I can have today and to remember people who can have so little. Have a good day, everyone!

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