Snow in July

How can there be snow in July? Well, if you are in the southern hemisphere, it is very likely.

I just went on a trip with a group of friends to ski resorts in Snowy Mountains, NSW. It was one-day trip, and I had very little motivation to go because I knew it would be exhausting. However, I decided to go anyway for the sake of seeing the snow after 3 years of absence. Departing from Sydney on a tour bus at 11:45 pm, the trip took about 7 hours with occasional stops for toilets/gas/smoking (the driver needed the last one to stay awake). Our last stop before the resort was a ski hire store in Cooma, NSW called Ski Co. The rental rate is much cheaper than that in the resort, and they also offer additional discounts for a large group of people. It’s also located conveniently behind Macca’s, which is an Australian nickname for McDonald’s. Due to my lack of food preparation, I decided to get the Boston Deli Bagel meal (bagel with tomato slice, bacon, egg, and avocado + hash browns + bottled water).

View along the way: Can you see the sheep?

McDonald’s and Ski Hire Place

We finally arrived at Smiggin Holes (one of the villages making up the largest ski resort in Australia – Perisher), and it was snowing. In fact, it was snowing almost all the time that day. Most of the people I traveled with had never seen snow until that day. All of us were ecstatic, and we did not miss a chance to take as many pictures as we stepped off from the bus.We then took a free shuttle bus to Perisher Valley, which is another ski resort village.

Perisher Ski Resort

The resort was packed with people, and kids were everywhere because it was school holidays. My friends rented some toboggans or sleds, and I had a lot of fun going up the slopes and sliding down on the toboggan. I didn’t last long in the outside though. My fingers were freezing to the point they felt numb. So, to be safe, I decided to go to warm them up.


Snow in July

Introducing Mr. Snowman

Some people taking picture with Mr. Snowman.

Most of people in my group joined me not long after that. We just hung around the shops and devoured any food available, trying to keep ourselves warm. I bought a cup of hot chocolate with some marshmallow on top. A friend shared the food she made: Nasi Goreng (fried rice), Bihun Goreng (fried rice vermicelli), and Sambal Tempe. They were all delicious, but they needed that extra magic moment in the microwave.

Bihun goreng, nasi goreng, and sambal tempe

Although we were on vacation, time was passing really slowly as if it was frozen. In the beginning, we all thought we would not have much time playing with the snow and taking pictures. Tick tack… we still had hours on our hands, but we were already satisfied with the snow for that day.

When the snow stops

When I asked my friends if they wanted to go back again, they answered ‘No,’ without a break of silence. “Once is enough,” they said. As for myself, I want to go again… in the summer.

When we headed back to Sydney, we stopped by at Ski Co to return the equipment. The driver told us that if we wanted to get food, the only opportunity we had was only the nearby McDonald’s. No other option was available 😦 I had Beijing Chicken Burger, which was one of the new menu honoring the previous hosts of the Olympics. It was only available until July 17th, so at least it was sort of special. After stuffing myself with fast food all day, I felt incredibly guilty inside. I knew I should have prepared something beforehand. Yea, regret always comes last.

Macca’s Beijing Chicken Burger

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