Zumbo Dessert Train

I have so many things I want to post, but I haven’t got much time. I’ll start with Adriano Zumbo, a famous patissier with many unique creations.I only knew about him recently after following episodes of the MasterChef Australia 2012. A friend pointed out Zumbo has a store at The Star – Pyrmont, so a couple of girlfriends and I finally got a chance to try it out last week. The shop consists of a Pattiserie and a Dessert train! I had to brace myself because I knew it would be hard to control myself in front of dessert plates circulating on the conveyor belt.

When we were finally seated, my friends and I were just staring at the dessert for some good number of minutes. We did not know what we should pick first, so we made some observation on the varieties available at the time. Most were chocolate-based, with prices range of $6-10 per plate. We finally started taking the plates, and each of us just had small tasting for each plate.

Some goodies we tried at Zumbo


We even did it with MasterChef style tasting: cracking the chocolate to see if it’s well-tempered, making comments for different textures in each dessert, and complaining when we didn’t enjoy it. It was a lot of fun, but I was not too crazy over what we tried in the dessert train. I had a favorite that night though. It was the cherry and coconut because it’s light, not too sweet, and fragrant.

Pattiserie section and Zumbarons!

The store itself is a fun place to walk in. You can see the chefs making tons of Zumbarons (macarons by Zumbo) and admire the cakes on displays. I want to go back again to try the pattiserie products because they just look so good. Overall, Zumbo at the Star is a store with great concept and yummy goodies.

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