Sydney Morning Herald Grower’s Market

Last Saturday I went to the Grower’s Market at Pyrmont Bay Park. The weather was a bit gloomy, but it didn’t discourage me to visit the market. As part of the Sydney Crave Food Festival this year, they held BBQ Madness featuring some famous chefs. One of the chefs is Kylie Kwong, who you’ll probably know if you watch Masterchef Australia. I have been curious about the food she makes because her restaurant Billy Kwong is committed in using fresh and local ingredients.

Under my tiny umbrella, I walked across the Pyrmont Bridge. There were not many people at all, and I took some time to enjoy the quietness, take deep breaths, and snap some pictures. Once I reached the park, the stalls full of different kinds of goodies welcomed me. Perhaps I was too early, or others just wanted to take their Saturday slowly, the park were quite empty. I browsed around different stalls, and I regretted that I just had a bowl of cereal before going there. From fresh produce to ethnic food, there were so many things the market offered. Some stalls generously provided free samples, and many people didn’t miss the opportunity to grab a small piece of sausage or a small slice of crusty bread with butter on it. I tried some fish cake from an Indian food stall and halva-inspired ice cream that had stringy texture and thick consistency. The ice cream was pounded using a huge, heavy wooden stick. The pounding sound was what I think withdrew many visitors to the stall. The ice cream reminded me of Turkish ice cream, but it’s more delicate and smooth.

Toward Pyrmont Bay Park

BBQ Madness

Fresh produce

Rhubarbs and carrots


Free sausage sample

Indian fish cake

Serving the ice cream

Sweet sesame halva from Booza

I finally found Kylie Kwong’s stall, and I was not the only person interested in trying the food from the stall. The line was long, but I jumped right away to join the crowd for the steamed savory pancake with pork. I was a bit hesitant on whether I would enjoy it only because my stomach was already busy digesting my morning cereal breakfast and the sample food. I guess my eyes were bigger than my stomach, so I didn’t give up that opportunity. The steamed pancake was crepe-like, and it was topped with spit-roasted pork, slices of cucumber, Warrigal greens (some native Australian plant), plum sauce, and Sichuan pepper. The whole taste was clean and well-balanced, and I didn’t expect it at all. I loved the plum sauce which was slightly sour, but so yummy. I definitely didn’t have any problem finishing the food, but a single serve was enough.

BBQ Stalls

Kylie Kwong’s stall

The pork

Steamed savory pancake with spit-roasted pork

I ended my visit by getting some herbs in the pots from the stall next door – 2 for $6. There were many to choose, but I finally settled on basil and mint. Can’t wait to make things with fresh herbs growing in the balcony.

Flowers in pots

Fresh herb pots

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