Cute Dessert at Chefs Gallery

There is a modern Chinese restaurant nearby where long lines are often spotted during dinner and perhaps lunch time as well. It is a good sign that the place is worth a try, so a girlfriend and I decided to have dinner there.

Since there were only two of us, we chose to sit on a bench where we could watch the chefs preparing the dishes. The menu was not that long, and every item was accompanied by a picture. I would say most of the things they served were traditional Chinese menu with modern twists. It was hard to decide what we would have because the everything looked yummy. We somehow ended up ordering two entrées and a Chinese roti, skipping any main, and leaving some space for cute-looking dessert.

Trillium Prawn Dumplings

The entrées we had were Trillium prawn dumplings and deep-friend daikon radish cakes (Lo Bo Gao). The presentation of the prawn dumplings was gorgeous. Topped with three -colored fish roe and caviar, the dumplings were good-sized for two people.

Fried daikon radish cakes

My friend had never tried daikon before because she was always being put off by the strong smell of it when her mom cooked it in some soup. This time, she gave it a go, and she was surprised by the delicious, slightly sweet taste. The Lo Bo Gao was different from what I used to have because the radish was sliced in bigger chunks, so I could clearly tell there was daikon in it. The cake texture was soft, and it was well-seasoned with some Chinese sausages and dried shrimp.

Pork Floss Chinese Roti (肉松手抓饼)

The Chinese roti we picked had some pork floss on top. This reminded me of ZhuaBing (抓并) I used to have in Taiwan, except that this one was less greasy. I was actually interested with their noodles because they were handmade, but we did not have much space left because of the dessert. I would definitely go back to try their noodle during lunch time.

Here is the spotlight of our dinner (or maybe I should say supper): a shared plate of piggy black sesame buns and Totoro marshmallows arranged in an edible garden. Awww.. so cute.. We almost could not bring ourselves to eat it. Cheers to whoever invented this delicate piece of art.

Cutest dessert ever

Mr. and Mrs Piggy went to visit the Totoros who are living in a wafer house with a large front yard.

Cute piggy black sesame buns

Soft, fluffy (albino?) Totoro marshmallow covered with dessicated coconut

It was a peaceful evening until Venzilla arrived and destroyed the house.

Savoring the house

Little by little, the Totoros, the Piggies, the house, the plants, rocks, soil, and grass (practically everything) was gulped down by the merciless Venzilla.

Mr. Piggy! You go to my belly..

Yep… we finished everything. I had the best marshmallow ever. I thought it would be sickeningly sweet (I blamed the store-bought marshmallows), but they were not at all. Aahh… so soft and it was just a perfect finish to our meal. The only thing that we would recommend for anyone having this dessert is that the ice cream can be topped with the stuff in the garden, such as the chestnuts, crushed peanuts, biscuits, and wafers. We didn’t do this because we had the ice cream first (it was melting and we didn’t want to touch the cute stuff). By the time we realized it, the ice cream was all gone.

Strawberry ice cream

Chefs Gallery

Shop12 (facing Bathurst Street)

Ground Level Regent Place Shopping Centre

501 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

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