Watsons Bay Bushwalking

I had been wanting to go hiking when the weather got warmer. This weekend was perfect: no rain and abundant sunshine. I decided to explore Watsons Bay, which is not so far from the city. The place can be reached by bus 324 or 325, or ferry from Circular Quay. I opted for the bus leaving from Hyde Park, and one-way trip took about 50 minutes.

My plan was to walk from the Watsons Bay ferry wharf then travel south to see Macquarie Lighthouse, go back to wharf again to have lunch, and go north to see Hornby Lighthouse. Yep… two lighthouses in one trip. Apparently the bus passed by Christison Park, which is close to Macquarie Lighthouse before reaching its final stop at the wharf, so I decided to get off there.

My journey was pretty much following the itinerary below:

Macquarie Lighthouse is the Australia’s first lighthouse, built in 1818. After decades, the structure eventually deteriorated due to poor building materials. New structure, which was a replica of the original tower, was built in 1883 and preserved until this very moment. The first lighthouse keeper was Robert Watson, and thus the area surrounding it was named Watsons Bay to honor him.

My friend and I walked along the street, heading to the Gap.  The view was breathtaking, but if there was no fence along the walkway, it would be quite scary. Many people decided that’s where they wanted to see the world for the last time, so many signs saying, “Hold onto HOPE. There is always HELP” can be found to hopefully alter their mind. There is a also an anchor recovered from Dunbar shipwreck to remind people of the tragedy occurred in 1857. The Dunbar carrying 122 people drove into the rocky cliff because the captain mistook the Gap for the entrance to Sydney Harbour due to heavy rain. The ship broke apart, and only one person survived. Another tragedy almost happened. I climbed the anchor to get a picture with it. When I jumped down (I knew I shouldn’t jump), I almost landed with my face on the ground. Thank God I did not get hurt or anything.

With growling stomachs, we headed to the wharf for lunch. Our destination was Doyle’s Fisherman Wharf takeaway, which is located near Robertson Park. Doyle has been serving Watsons Bay since 1885, and it’s famous for Fish and Chips. We ordered one seafood basket, which was fried fish fillets, calamari, shrimp, scallops, and chips served with plum and tartar sauce. The seafood was fresh, but the portion did not satisfy two hungry girls. So, we decided to have some ice cream afterwards.” Two scoops of ice cream on a cone, please!” And we made some kids jealous when they passed by. Sorry, kids.

Our journey continued to Camp Cove, which is a small beach where people can swim and relax. To go to Hornby Lighthouse, there are timber stairs leading to the trail. We passed by a Canon, and then Lady Bay Beach where nudity was permitted.

The trail from there was straightforward, and finally Hornby lighthouse in front of our eyes. My camera was totally dead after I snapped a picture of the lighthouse. Good timing, eh?

The whole journey took us about 4 hours because both of us have really bad sense of direction and we just took our time to enjoy the place and take pictures. The area was actually easy to navigate through, and I really recommend it if you go to Sydney area.

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