Fireworks at Darling Harbour

Hello 2013!

Sydney had a lavish celebration on New Year’s Eve. While anticipating fireworks in the evening, I was having a dilemma since the day before whether I should reserve a good spot to watch the fireworks. That would require me standing by the place since the morning. I wonder if the show would worth that much of time. According to many, it is. At the end, I decided not to do that since many of my friends were working till the afternoon. So, I opted for the second option – to go an hour before the show to Darling Harbour.

There were several spots to watch, and there were two rounds of fireworks: at 9 pm only in Darling Harbour and at midnight in 6 or 7 points including Darling Harbour and Harbour Bridge. The main show was of course around the Harbour Bridge area. The 9-pm show was more family-friendly. I saw many people bringing their children and other family members. Man, the place was packed.

I bet some were already there since 4 pm at least to get the front seats.  Since I came quite late, I didn’t get a good spot to take nice fireworks pictures (and I admit I don’t have the skill either). Oh well…

The fireworks ran about 10 minutes or so. After that, the crowd was dismissed. We headed to our next destination to catch the second show at midnight. Last year, my flatmates watched the show at Pyrmont Park, and that’s where we were heading. To our disappointment, a huge cruise ship was anchored at that location, blocking the view. At last we decided we’d just catch the second show at Darling Harbour again.

The evening breeze was warm. The sky was clear and lit up by the moon. I was grateful for the great weather. While anticipating for the fireworks, some performances were put out there to entertain the crowds. And then finally, there were three long beeping sounds, marking the countdown.

2013. The sky was filled with sparks and smokes. I was not able to capture the whole view, and I decided to put down my camera and just enjoyed the spectacular moment. At the finale, there was no pause between one firework and another. It was like the ‘bing bang’ moment. Amazing…


Walking to Darling Harbour


Do you see the word HOPE? Although the word is fading in the sky, I believe hope in inscribed on each person’s heart. It always lives within us.


Eagerly waiting for the show


Bright moon


Drumming performance

Here are the midnight fireworks: IMG_8393  IMG_8484 IMG_8487 IMG_8485

and the finale:


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