South Korea: A Prologue

I finally celebrated Chinese New Year with my whole family again after about 7 years or more celebrating it separately. No big drama, but nothing exciting happening in my hometown either. My guess is because our city mayor is not very supportive of the celebration (just a random political opinion).

Anyway, since we were together, we were planning for a trip. Our ( or my dad’s and my) first choice went to China, particularly Beijing area. We were dying to see the Great Wall with our own eyes. And somehow before I went back, I happened to watch some videos taking place there, like thepianoguys and an old episode of running man. I told myself that I was gonna be there soon.

After researching and pondering, going to China during Chinese New Year didn’t seem to a good idea. Not to mention that my family has very little exposure to real winter, except one of my younger brothers who had lived in the upper state before. I was not sure if we could survive and enjoy the trip.

Then other places that popped out in my mind were Japan, South Korea, and Indochina. The best time to visit Japan is when the cherry blossoms are blooming although I know that every season always has different things to offer. But then, my parents are not a big fan of Japanese food. It would be a waste to go there without indulging in delicious, traditional food. So, I had to cross Japan out and save it for a trip with friends with similar minds.

I also then crossed out Indochina very soon because we couldn’t afford to much time spent on the road moving from one place to another. The only thing left now is South Korea. I was never that interested in South Korea until I watched running man when they went to the traditional markets. It’s also a quite popular shopping destination, especially for its cosmetics products. So Mother, I shall not disappoint you. The other determining factor is that it will be snowing there. “Wait, I know I did mention we may not survive harsh winter. But, what if  that’s only for a couple of days? Mom and dad have never seen real snow anyway. When else will they have the opportunity to experience it?” It’s now or never.”

So, Korea, get ready for us!

One of places I visited

One of places I visited


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