Spring Rolls [ζ½€ι€…]

The spring rolls I am talking here are not those fried ones you regularly find in Chinese restaurants. These spring rolls are called ζ½€ι€…/runbing in Taiwan. They are not deep fried, so perhaps we can call them fresh spring rolls πŸ˜€ Runbing is a special dish to have during the tomb sweeping day ζΈ…ζ˜Žη―€, which […]

Sushi Rolls γ€Žε―ΏεΈγ€

Sushi rolls are actually easy to make and you can put any fillings to your liking. If you’re interested, go to cooking with dog on YouTube. That’s my #1 cooking channel right there ^_^. I think the must-have when making sushi is the sushi mat. I used to have two kinds: one with round stick […]